EDL Building Solutions is a one-call source for all of your building environment and systems needs.

When our business first opened its doors in 1977, its sole service offering was electrical work. But over the years, we’ve not only added services such as HVAC, plumbing and mechanical to our offerings, we’ve also worked to ensure that our services are integrated with each other, allowing us to provide installation, maintenance and repairs throughout your entire building, resulting in systems that are compatible, efficient and cost effective.

We believe in operational excellence. We do what works – plain and simple. If a service or business process isn’t giving us the result we want, we immediately examine it and find a solution that works for us and for our client. The result is an efficiently run organization that values our customer, and is never afraid to evolve.

Our commitment to excellence and willingness to adapt has resulted in a high retention rate – we have clients who have been working with us since our beginnings over 40 years ago, because they know we’re willing to grow with them, and are always looking for new ways to increase the fundamental value of our services for them.

Building owners deserve peace of mind.

We're your best choice for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Smart Building services.

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We find the company and all of their staff to be great to deal with. Environmental have done a wide range of jobs for us including major retrofits, preventative maintenance and various HVAC repairs. We would not hesitate in recommending the company for your building needs.
– Qualicare Health Services

Safety is part of our culture.

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